RMS Virtual Learning Series

In response to your identified learning needs, we are offering a broad range of topics. To help in making your selection, please consider the following:

  • The area(s) of focus outlined in your board/school improvement plan;
  • What you have identified as your most urgent student-learning needs.

Each of these sessions listed below will be offered again in the fall, so you can attend other sessions at that time. As well, recordings of the sessions will be available for viewing on this website within two business days after each session. All the sessions will take place within Adobe Connect, a web-based virtual conferencing system. (View system requirements).

Registration access has been given to school board leaders to disperse at their discretion.

Session Descriptions   Sessions Listed by Date

The following are the four key objectives of the RMS:

  1. increased student achievement, well-being and engagement in mathematics;
  2. increased educator math knowledge and pedagogical expertise;
  3. increased leader use of knowledge of effective mathematics pedagogy to provide the necessary supports and conditions for school and system improvement;
  4. increased parent engagement in their children’s mathematics learning.