Decorative image of a video cameraAt the Spring Symposium, several school boards shared videos of what they are doing and learning with respect to the Renewed Mathematics Strategy. Their learning is continuing, but the intent of these videos is to offer a glimpse into how each school or school board is framing their work around the RMS. We thank them for their willingness to share their thinking and trust these efforts will strengthen collaboration across the province.

Click on any of the categories below to reveal the relevant board story videos. 

1. How are you building a collaborative whole school approach that supports students with learning disabilities?

2. How are you creating school-wide equitable and inclusive conditions that promote mathematics learning, teaching and leading?

3. How is having math lead teachers and school-based facilitators/coaches impacting educator and student learning thus far?

4. How are you supporting mathematics learning, teaching, and leading in secondary schools?

5. How are you supporting mathematics learning, teaching and leading in the Primary years?

6. How are you strengthening math assessment practices?

7. How are SOs and principals supporting the development of math knowledge for leading?

8. How are you monitoring for evidence of impact in mathematics learning, teaching, and leading at the classroom, school, and system levels?

9. How are you using technology to inspire deeper learning of mathematics?

10. How are you building partnerships with parents to support their engagement in their children’s math learning?